We are a charity supporting design education in the UK.

The Charity aims to promote education in creative disciplines by assisting aspiring practitioners to achieve their potential through grants and other related activities.

Our Objective

Our objectives include the provision of grants to students enabling them to pursue educational study in the creative disciplines.

Other activities are also supported to push the boundaries of design education.

Our Current Focus

We are focused at present upon encouraging students to undertake projects on topics involving substantial ‘kinetic aesthetics of ‘motion’.

The INTERPLAY Kinetic Design Competition is our latest initiative. It is announced below.

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Beyond function……

“Everything needs to be well designed but a foremost purpose of ‘activist’ design is to lift the spirits of people in a dour world. The creation of ‘enjoyment’ within the everyday through beautiful objects, in delightful experience of services and of artificial systems is a valuable role of designers.”              

 Alec Robertson, DET Trustee.

Empowering the Next Generation: Our Beneficiaries

Students have benefitted from support in these Institutions: <scroll>


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Types of Grants Made

Support is only provided via the Grant administrators of designated Educational Institutions already in contact with the Trust.

Individual applications from students are not directly accepted at the present time.

Fees Scholarships

These awards cover the tuition fees of a student for one or more years of a design course in a particular Institution.

Project Awards

These awards cover expenses of a student’s final year project so they can reach their potential in expressing their ideas and work.

Exhibition Awards

These awards cover students’ expenses of mounting exhibitions of work, including materials and processes used.

Design Workshops

These awards contribute to the expenses of students’ materials and processes of a Workshop in a particular topic.

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Workshop Showcase of Impressive Projects

Witness the inspiring creativity of first-year MSc/MA Innovation Design Engineering and Global Innovation Design students in their Cyber-Physical Workshop, made possible with support from the Design Education Trust.

The INTERPLAY Kinetic Design Competition

Future Designs For ‘Everyday Things’ Could Be More Playful and Delightful To Experience & Use

We invite you to imagine a more delightful world that is more like the natural world with elegant movement and adaption to its environment for the benefit of the planet! Our competition aims to inspire motion-focused product and architectural designs, fashion and sculpture that could encourage change and enhance the built environment.

The competition is now closed for Entries however you are invited to view the AWARD winners on the DET YouTube Channel of the INTERPLAY EXHIBITION at the Royal Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3RA from 5th – 9th December 2023

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