Honoring the Late John Cox

Strengthening Creative Minds: The Design Education Trust

The Design Education Trust is the operational name of the WES Lunn Design Education Trust : UK registered charity number 1159462

The objectives of the Charity are to promote education in the field of the creative disciplines by assisting worthy aspiring practitioners to achieve their potential for the benefit of the whole. This role includes provision of grants to students enabling them to pursue educational courses in the creative disciplines, and to do other such activities as are incidental to these objectives.

Honoring the Late John Cox: Supporting UK Design Education Since 2015

The Charity was founded in 2015 by the late John Cox. John invited Alec Robertson, with a wealth of experience in design education, along with Robert Rouse his accountant to serve with him as its first Trustees.

John was keen to ’give back’ to the UK design community with the purpose of helping students and developing design education for the benefit of the UK economy. John was trained as an architect but spent most of his professional practice designing various types of furniture. He passed in October 2021.

A Board of Trustees manages the Charity and its activities with support of Special Volunteers.

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