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Special Volunteering

Expression of Interest.

If you are interested in being a Special Volunteer for the DESIGN EDUCATION TRUST please see the details below.

1. Special Volunteer : Digital

There is an opportunity for a specialist to assist occasionally in social media development and website management of the Design Education Trust. (London based or near preferred for occasional in-person meetings.)

2. Special Volunteer : Secretariat

There is an opportunity for an experienced manager to occasionally assist meetings and the archiving of past Scholarship holders and their work.(London based or near preferred for occasional in-person meetings.)

3. Private View Sponsor

A sponsor fpr the Private View of INTERPLAY in December 2023 would be welcomed.

4. Exhibition Sponsor

A sponsor of the INTERPLAY  Exhibition in December 2023 would be welcomed.

5. Symposium Sponsor

A sponsor of the INTERPLAY Symposium in December 2023 would be welcomed.

The remit of a Special Volunteer is outlined below:

  1.  To be willing to be consulted on the selection of candidates for Awards made by the Charity, or any other matter, if asked by a Trustee.
  2. To be willing to deputise for a Trustee with organisations, if, as, and when required.
  3. To be prepared to administer the raising and use of any funds.
  4. To identify and pursue donors who might support charitable activity of the Charity.
  5. To be willing to attend a meeting in person at a venue for discussing on-going matters with one or more Trustees and/or other Special Volunteers.
  1. A ‘Special Volunteer’ must adhere to the Charity’s Aims in any activity undertaken in its name, and if there is any doubt must consult a Trustee prior to taking any action.
  2. A ‘Special Volunteer’ has no Trustee legal responsibility for the Trust and as such agrees to abide by the decision of Trustees on all matters, and in the unlikely case of differences in Trustee opinions then the status quo is kept.
  3. No liability is accepted by the Charity or the Trustees for any activity of a Special Volunteer, unless approved in writing by a Trustee.
  4. All matters of the Trust must be kept confidential.
  5. The position of ‘Special Volunteer’ can be terminated by either party at any time, without any reason provided to anyone.
  6. At the discretion of Trustees, Special Volunteers are able to attend a Trust Board meeting.
  7. Special Volunteers are reimbursed for  all incidental expenses incurred on Charitable activities.

Application To Be A Special Volunteer

You Need to Compose a Letter.

This letter should include your full contact details along with a short paragraph on why you would like to be a Special Volunteer.

Please confirm your agreement to the Remit and points in the Notes by adding this to your letter:

I have read REMIT and points in the NOTES for a SPECIAL VOLUNTEER and agree to these.

Name in Capitals



SEND YOUR LETTER as a PDF attachment by email with the  subject of ‘Special Volunteer’ to info@designeducationtrust.org.uk.


You will informed of the decision from the next available TRUST BOARD. If you are shortlisted you will then be required to attend a ZOOM INTERVIEW, and possibly attend PERSONAL INTERVIEW in London.

An Appointment as a SPECIAL VOLUNTEER is normally for a period of two years from a specified date, and may be extended by mutual agreement prior to this renewal date, or terminated by lapsing.