q Round 1 - Design Education Trust

‘InterPlay’ Design Competition

Round 1

What are the personal details of your Group Leader (or you if an individual entrant?)

What courses and institution are group members studying at? (or you if an individual entrant?)

Enter details of all group members

What is the title of your project (enter a catchy title that descries your Kinetic Object.)

[Short Creators’ Statement of your Project Concept - 300 words], outlining your/your group’s previous experimentation, collaborative working, and contributing to the critical context of design as part of your practice. (provide any links to relevant past projects.).

What is your CONCEPT for a kinetic object?

[Short summary of your Project Concept - 300 words], that addresses the Competition theme.

What might your Concept look like?

UPLOAD ONE visual of the kinetic narrative that you would like to develop e,g, a storyboard, or a simple physical maquette model, or basic computer simulation. This should help to illuminate the implications of aesthetics of movement in the interplay of people with things. You may link to your INSTAGRAM for this.

Have you uploaded a VIDEO?

UPLOAD a 2- 3 MINUTE Mp4 VIDEO, where you verbally explain in person the rationale concerning your CONCEPT (phone videos are acceptable.), highlighting the features within your design concept that you are proud of. You may point to visual material to do this. Provide a link to your YouTube channel, where your video can be viewed.

What can you say about your idea at a Symposium

A DRAFT TALK PROPOSAL: [300 words] for a 30 minute illustrated Talk on the insights you have on the topic of aesthetics of movement for interplay of people with things.